All members of the organization are committed to provide quality services to its clients in a responsible manner, with a focus on the well being of its personnel and respect of the environment, through the implementation of the corporate KS Drilling Company Management System (CMS) and to continuously improve the level of services provided.

  • KS Drilling is a client oriented service provider of drilling solutions to the oilfield sector and will approach relationships both with its personnel and clients with professionalism and respect.
  • KS Drilling recognizes that its personnel forms its strongest asset. This recognition is one of the company’s foundations and will lead to the success of the Company.
  • KS Drilling will ensure that all its business is conducted to comply with applicable legislation.
  • KS Drilling shall base its decision making process on the human aspect of the business and shall evaluate all the potential consequences for both its personnel and its clients. Integrity shall be manifested in all its undertakings as well as adherence to sound moral, economical, legal and ethical practices.
  • KS Drilling shall maintain open communications and relationship with its personnel and clients based on mutual respect. Such communication shall be at all levels.
  • Line management shall be empowered to plan, organize, supervise and control the business process and to create company culture to support ideas and values as reflected in this policy.
  • KS Drilling shall assess and actively minimize the environmental impact of its operations.
  • KS Drilling will mitigate all major risks to property, personnel and environment.
  • KS Drilling shall ensure that its personnel are experienced, trained and competent to work safely in a safe working environment and that the principles of the QHSE policy shall be adhered to.
  • KS Drilling shall monitor, audit and measure actual operational performance against well-defined targets, and take timely corrective action to achieve continuous improvement. KS Drilling recognizes that it will take considerable human and capital investment, hard work and perseverance to meet the QHSE targets.
  • KS Drilling QHSE systems have been developed and are implemented in accordance with ISO and OHSAS standards.