KS Drilling is a privately owned international drilling company that is part of the KS Energy Group. We specialize in shallow water and onshore drilling and our focus is to create value for our customers in the energy industry, including the renewable energy, worldwide.

Headquartered in Singapore, KS Drilling believes in capturing new global opportunities for sustainable and profitable growth. We currently operate eleven land rigs in Indonesia, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Tunisia and four offshore jack-up drilling rigs in Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt and China.

In addition, we have one 400-ft water depth high-specification jack-up drilling rig under construction.

Our success is built upon operational excellence, continuous improvement and local knowledge. To compete effectively in the energy industry, we excel at offering customized solutions.

Growing Together


We have become aware of the existence of another website (“SUSPICIOUS WEBSITE”) that appears identical to our website except for the name of the company of the website, the names of the drilling units in the fleet, the name of the Head of Global Human Resources, and various other minor details.

Please be warned that www.ksdrilling.com is the sole official website of our company and our subsidiaries and associates. KS Drilling and our management have NO ASSOCIATION OR RELATION with the company mentioned in the SUSPICIOUS WEBSITE, which appears to have the intention of perpetrating fraud by claiming that our management is involved in it. If you plan to enter into any transaction or relationship with the company of the SUSPICIOUS WEBSITE, we strongly recommend that you take note of this fraud warning and exercise extreme caution in your decisions and actions.